The Most Pink Macarons – Ever

Sometimes, when you’re really busy, it’s difficult to pass up a night in. Fridays are always the most intense for me at work, most likely because all of my customers are rushing towards the weekend and want to ensure they have nothing to worry about on Saturday and Sunday. This Friday was no different, my customers were demanding, and by the time I got home, I realized I had never been so attracted to my couch. Once I realized Pretty Woman was on tv, it was all but cemented that I was ordering a pizza, throwing on pjs, and not moving for the remainder of the evening.

Somewhere around 10PM, after the exhaustion from my day had begun to pass, I became listless. What kind of single, borderline attractive 30 year old, living in easily the most vibrant little city on the east coast (Providence, FYI), sits in the house and doesn’t do anything?

This one.

I decided to bake stuff to feel a little less useless, and justify my antisocial attitude. With a nail appointment in the morning, I knew exactly who would be the recipient of my late night endeavors: my nail lady.

Here they are, sparkly pink macarons with little hand painted details. I hope you enjoy.

I’ve already gone ahead and made plans for next weekend so I don’t sit in and cover my kitchen in sugar again, but no worries because I have a couple of projects to work on this week that I will be posting soon… and continuing on with the macaron baking guide!

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