About The Cosmic Kitchen

This blog is currently being operated by a little baking/internet geek from sunny New England. For those of you sublimely unaware of New England, let’s just say I’m from a nice place that has a lot of, um, weather. And coastline.

When not blogging about food or running my cat’s Instagram account (@hotcathunter, you should totally check it out), you can most likely find me in the woods, on the water, or in my sweatpants watching Netflix. I’ve also got a wide array of hobbies, including but absolutely not limited to: painting, knitting/crocheting, felting, power cleaning, amateur karaoke, photography (I dabble with medium format/toy cameras, I know, super hipster),  giving great advice, and of course, designing print/web/branding.

I’m here to brighten your day and make you want to bake stuff so if you see anything that doesn’t make you smile or want to suggest/request anything, drop me a line!